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Victrex Tools Co., Ltd. is a leading tools supplier with 15+ years of 
experience in woodworking tools industry. Based in Wuxi, China, we specialized in manufacturing & exporting tools including clamps, sawhorses, vices and toolboxes. We have supplied quality products at competitive prices to hundreds ofwholesalers, distributors around the world. We have also developed a wide range of products for various globally distributed tool brands with our OEM capability.


How can we offer a better price with lower MOQ?

We have highly efficient supply chain to reduce costs: Being in the industry for more than 17 years, we have formed a highly efficient supply chain that allows us to cut cost significantly compared to others.
We want to build win-win cooperation with our clients: Lower price and MOQ can help you to get more advantages and grow faster, and we can only grow when our clients are growing. 
We value long-term relationship with our clients: We believe in long-term & sustainable partnership. Therefore, we will try our best to empower you for your success, other than focusing only on ourshort-term profits. 



Presales: We will have as much communication as possible to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and expectations. Majority of our employees have strong English background to ensure smooth communication.  
Manufacturing: We will provide regular manufacturing update to you so that you can keep track of your orders. If there is any issue, you will be notified immediately, we will also provide full support and look for immediate resolutions.
Finished Goods: After the goods are finished, quality check will be conducted, defects will be replaced immediately, third-party inspections are welcomed.
Transportation: Goods will be packaged and loaded with high standard to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
Aftersales: We value long-term partnership. Therefore, we will take responsibility of our products if any issues were found and rectify them immediately.


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